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Blog > Inspiring Action While in Conflict

Inspiring Action While in Conflict

affiché le 16 mar 2017

Today’s post is cross-posted from Edwin Greenfield, Mediation Specialist with the March of Dimes. We are very grateful for his contribution. Please visit the March of Dimes website to learn more about his organization and their programs and services, or come to his upcoming seminar at VO.

I think one of the least inspiring aspects of life can be conflict.  That’s not to say conflict is a bad thing, conflict can be good it can give us clarity, build relationships and can inspire action.  The issue is how we deal with conflict.  The key to all conflict resolution is effective communication, and our problem-solving skills.  Our brains and bodies are wired for conflict to survive but as humans we are also wired to problem solve and collaborate.

Conflict resolution methods are being used more and more at every level of society – in the schoolyard, in workplaces, court proceedings and global confrontations.  A growing number of schools and community groups have incorporated conflict resolution/violence prevention programs into their curriculum.

In my workshops by developing self-awareness and communication skills, we can work on the challenge and growth in conflict.  Participants learn a facilitative approach to conflict resolution. These workshops help people better understand where conflict comes from and form a solution to bring the parties together to resolve the conflict using 6 simple steps.

6 steps to solving a conflict or an argument

1.      Identify the Problem

You have to agree to what the problem is

2.      Focus

On the problem not the person

3.      Listen

With an open mind and without interrupting

4.      Respect

Treat the person’s feelings with respect

5.      Take responsibility

For what you say and do

6.      Ask Questions

For example: “how do you see this?”

Resolving conflict isn’t an easy process, if there is a stale mate ask for a break and reconvene later when tempers have cooled, if necessary ask for help either from a colleague, supervisor or professional mediator.

Edwin Greenfield will be at Volunteer Ottawa to teach his valuable approach to conflict resolution.

Want to learn more? Come to an upcoming workshop.

Click here for more information, and to register.

Click here to register Full-day workshop: Friday, April 27, 2018, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

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