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volpoolsm.jpgHundreds of not-for-profit organizations from Ottawa and the surrounding regions rely on more than 40,000 volunteers to do the important work they do. 

Their work impacts health services, education, social services, crisis intervention, housing, community improvement, culture and recreation and the environment. They serve children and youth, immigrants, refugees and new Canadians, indigenous peoples, seniors, persons with disabilities, the homeless, the hungry, the disadvantaged, people with medical conditions, and other vulnerable populations and important causes.

By joining VO’s Volunteer Pool you are providing these organizations with a comprehensive picture of your volunteer preferences, skills and experience, as well as other information relevant to volunteer opportunities. This is your Volunteer Profile – the information provided will determine whether organizations looking for volunteers will consider you the right candidate. The more information you provide, the more likely you will get that volunteer opportunity that is just right for you.

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