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Diversity & Youth

Volunteer Ottawa strives to increase the knowledge and awareness of volunteerism among Ottawa’s diverse populations and increase the number of these volunteers applying for volunteer opportunities. We also seek to encourage and support non-profit organizations in recruiting volunteers from diverse populations including New Canadians and culturally and linguistically diverse populations, people with disabilities, youth, retirees and seniors.

Senior Engagement

Seniors & Retirees

VO has a number of workshops for organizations interested in strategies and tips on how to better engage senior and retired volunteers, and for seniors who want to get involved with volunteering.

If you are an organization that works with seniors and are looking for a group opportunity for your clients, please see contact information below.


We work closely with our member organizations to create meaningful opportunities for youth. We offer workshops with experts on how to engage and manage young volunteers. And, we offer presentations to youth on how to become engaged in their community through volunteering.

People with disabilities

Our goal is to support non-profits by tapping into the skills of volunteers with disabilities. We provide guidance to organizations on how to engage these volunteers and how to make the volunteer opportunities more accessible. We support volunteers with disabilities by finding volunteer placements that are enjoyable, meaningful and accessible.

Senior Engagement

New Canadians and culturally and linguistically diverse populations

VO works with community organizations in their efforts to recruit and retain New Canadians and culturally and linguistically diverse populations. We offer workshops, round tables and other resources. We also work with New Canadians and culturally and linguistically diverse populations to find volunteer opportunities and use these opportunities to gain experience as a gateway to employment.

Interested in any of the above opportunities? Contact