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Diversity in Governance

DiverseCity onBoard

Volunteer Ottawa is proud to be part of an important nation-wide initiative that seeks to increase diversity and enhance governance on the boards of non-profits.

DiverseCity onBoard is an award winning program that identifies highly qualified professionals from diverse communities who can meet the governance needs of non-profit organizations. The program also offers governance training.

If you are a non-profit organization interested in Board recruitment or training, or an individual interested in governance opportunities and training, registering with DiverseCity onBoard will give you access to:

  • Board matching - access or be diversegovsm.jpgpart of a pool of pre-screened, qualified professionals from which organizations can select potential board members
  • The DiverseCity onBoard Governance Training Certificate -  self-paced, affordable on-line governance training for your Board
  • Access to a series of webinars on: 'Effective Board Governance' facilitated by Ratna Omidvar, Founding Executive Director, Ryerson University's Global Diversity Exchange (GDX), recently appointed to the Senate.
  • In person events designed to promote networking and professional development opportunities

 To register and for more information on DiverseCity onBoard click here.